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2018 // Co-Producer and Camera Operator

Written, directed, and produced by South End youth participating in WA-BLOC's Day of Social Action *Content Warning Explicit Language* wa-bloc.org nonewyouthjail.com #NoNewYouthJailAnthem

2018 FEEST // This film follows FEEST Leader Erlinda in her fight for food justice and the strength she brings to the FEEST community!

In 2015 the Seattle Teachers Association (SEA) galvanized the largest bargaining team of all time and won a huge contract for the teachers of SPS. Find out how the Center for Race and Equity is sparking conversations of social justice and equity in every Seattle Public School.

I facilitated a group of teen first-time filmmakers to create this amazing video about a local violence intervention framework called "Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support" (PBIS).  

This was made in collaboration with The City of Seattle, Seattle Channel, Rainier Beach: Beautiful!, PBIS, and Rainier Beach: A Beautiful Safe Place for Youth. 

I'm so honored to feature the amazing Food Justice Interns at FEEST - an organization that is setting the table for young people to transform the health and equity of their communities by gathering around food and working toward systemic change.

A art installation from artists and Jewitches, Cat Cunningham & Shelby Handler.  A mikvah is a bath where Jewish ritual purifications are performed. A gay bathhouse is a space for queer sex, connection and home. A mikvah is a threshold separating the holy and unholy. It is a space of transformation, a catalyst for metamorphosis. A gay bathhouse is where intimacy and wholeness are made possible. As queer Jews in diaspora, we call on these lineages. We have created a queer mikvah and will open a portal to an unrecognizable future.

The Oracle is an interactive installation that is based on the Yi Jing. Audience members enter a fully immersive altar and receive a custom reading in the form of animations and music. Collaboration between missTANGQ and Jyun Jyun, featuring creative coder Tiffany Ta.

These videos were made as a collaboration between CultureStrike, Forward Together, Presente.org and NW Detention Center Resistance to honor incarcerated mothers for the 2016 Mamas Day campaign.

A promotional short film for FEEST, a youth non-profit focusing on food justice in the West Seattle Delridge neighborhood that premiered at their annual fundraiser in November 2016.


A series of videos that captured the Youth Speaks Seattle Grand Slam winners as they made their way to compete at the International Brave New Voices Festival in Philadelphia 2014.


A short narrative film on elder man's experience as he prepares for a special date.


A satirical short for the Alliance for a Just Society's 'Stop Big Pharma' campaign.

[Writing: Devon de Leña Camera work: Andrew Horton, Devon de Leña, Kris Melewski Editor: Shann Thomas For more information on their cause: http://allianceforajustsociety.org/]


A personal film about my grandpa's famous turkey soup, made the day before our annual Pumpkin Carving day each October.  Each year, he takes us to a pumpkin patch where we ride a tractor out to a field to hand-pick our pumpkins. We eagerly return to his house for his homemade turkey soup and pumpkin pie. I love food because it's a natural marker of culture and family traditions.