consulting & coaching

i thrive when working with groups of diverse folks and enjoy bringing out the individual and collective strengths of a team

Creative Community Facilitation

My facilitation method is highly interactive and inclusive of all learning styles. Participants feel engaged, creative, and leave with tangible skills. I bring energy, humor, and intuition to my practice. 

Organizational Consulting

I bring the ability to help cultivate a broad vision for organizations as well as creating realistic strategic plans.  I’m able to work with you to create a personalized workshop to address your community’s needs.

Community Workshops Offerings

  • Social Justice & Anti-Oppression trainings

  • Organization and programmatic strategic planning support

  • Anti-Adultism: deconstructing the social and institutional power dynamics between adults and young people

  • Mutual Accountability: giving and receiving feedback 

  • Powerful Leadership (Supervision and Leadership Techniques)

  • Self-Care - Healing for the Helpers

  • Trauma-Informed Youth work

  • Curriculum Development: how to creating an engaging & strategic long-term arc of curriculum—youth programs.